Had enough of the entire internet hacking drama that’s been going on recently? Well it looks like its days are finally over, at least for LulzSec. The infamous hacking group that was known for taking down Sony’s servers, the CIA website and releasing confidential documents they stole from the Arizona Department of Public Safety has announced that its days are over.

In an official announcement released online, LulzSec mentions that today – the 50th day since the six of them started “sailing” the internet – marks the day of its final release. The group has released a whole collection of files with names such as AOL internal data, AT&T internal data, Private Investigator Emails and more. Along with its final release, LulzSec also left its final parting message to the public, wishing the world farewell.

They also hope that the AntiSec movement continues on without them and believe that working together is the only way we’ll ever get “the power and freedom we deserve.” While the group will disappear and vanish, we’re pretty sure it isn’t the end of the road for its members – just as long as they stay out of reach from the long arm of the law. Read the official statement and head here if you’re interested in checking out the files LulzSec released.

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