hatsuden-nabeIf you’re the kind of person who takes your device with you out in the wild while you’re camping so you have access to a GPS or a compass and some way to communicate with the outside world, sometimes one full charge of your smartphone is not enough to keep it juiced for the whole day or two. And spare batteries can only last for so long and make your devices bulkier than usual. What if you’re travelling in the wild for weeks?

That’s where the Hatsuden-Nabe comes in handy. This specially designed pot works just like a regular pot, except that it features a USB port. Any heat that is normally wasted is turned into power that can be used to charge the devices connected to it. The port can be hooked up to any gadget or device that uses a USB port to charge its batteries. TES NewEnergyCorporation, the company that created the pot, claims that it takes about 3-5 hours to completely charge an iPhone. The Hatsuden-Nabe will set you back $280 and went on sale in Japan yesterday.

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