iResponse appSam Harman, creator of the Twinthesiser (an app that turns tweets into sound) will be unveiling his latest creation at the 2011 Festival of Design and Innovation at Bournemouth University. Called the Impulse Response Application, it is designed to capture the acoustic characteristics of a room and allow it to be replicated with the use of a computer.

For example, you could capture the acoustics of a legendary location such as The House of Blues and then use the data to make your own recordings, which you did at home or in a studio, sound like they were recorded at the House of Blues. If you’re not so ambitions, you could do something simpler like record the acoustics of your favorite subway or tunnel to give your music a different feel. While this technology has already been around for some time now, it required tons of equipment in order to collect the “acoustic data”. Sam Harman makes it possible to do all this just by using an iPhone.

No word on when this app will hit the stores but now we have one more thing to scratch off the list of things the iPhone hasn’t done yet.

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