It’s been a long career for the relatively young 21-year-old George Hotz, a.k.a. GeoHot. After successfully unlocking the original iPhone and going on to release several jailbreaks for future iPhones, then fighting off  Sony on his own after breaking down the PlayStation 3‘s security, the famed hacker is now under the same roof that Mark Zuckerberg built.

That’s right, GeoHot is in the Facebook house! Speculated over the weekend, it’s now been officially confirmed. What’s he working on specifically? Word has it that he’s working in the mobile division, possibly on that upcoming iPad Facebook app. If there’s anybody who knows his way around Apple’s hardware, it’s this guy.

Does that mean GeoHot is done with hacking iPhones and game consoles? Well, when you have a full time gig that pays (and we bet pays well), it kind of takes time away from your other hobbies…All we can say is, best of luck GeoHot and we hope to see some really awesome stuff come out of your work at Facebook!

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