Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Famed iPhone hacker turned PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz a.k.a Geohot, has reportedly fled to South America from his New Jersey home in an attempt to escape Sony in their ongoing court battle over hacking the video game console. According to VGHQ, Hotz has not been complying with Sony’s requests to hand over hardware related to his PS3 hacking. Devices such as his computer hard drives were supposed to be forked over to Sony for inspection untouched, with all potential hacking tools in tact. In Sony’s defense, it wanted to search for any names and contacts of any co-hackers that worked with Hotz to break the system’s security and allow unsigned code to run on the machine. Since then, Sony has apparently learned that Hotz had deleted “integral components” from his hard drives and that the hacker lied to the Court about not having a PlayStation Network account. With Hotz now in hiding, we wonder if it’s all over for him and his fellow hackers. Did Hotz just indirectly give Sony a win? If he’s running, that’s not a good sign right?

UPDATE: Hotz has officially responded to his fleeing allegations on his official blog. Hotz says he is indeed in South America, but strictly for spring break. He also reassures his supporters that not a single penny donated to his case to fight Sony in court was used for his own personal indulgence and that he has been in contact with his lawyers every day. The ball is back in Sony’s court now.

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