Windows Phone 7 interoperabilityMicrosoft’s Windows Phone 7 app store, the Windows Marketplace, has been growing at a tremendous rate since it was introduced last October, and this year it looks like it might just explode. Back in April, Microsoft released some developer tools for developers to port iOS apps over to the Windows Phone platform. It looks like having iOS apps isn’t enough for the company.

The company has announced new developer tools to help Android developers bring their apps from Google’s Android platform over to Windows Phone – tapping into a potential market of over 200,000 new apps from Android alone. With the next version of Windows Phone, Mango, arriving at the end of this year bringing along with it a ton of new APIs, it looks like Microsoft won’t have to worry about the size of its Windows Marketplace. Now all it boils down to the phone vendors pumping out desirable hardware that people would want to get their hands on.

Check out the WP7 guide for Android app developers for more information.

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