What’s so special about the PURE Sirocco 550 hi-fi system? How about having it being connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi so that you can enjoy your favorite online radio stations? Oh yeah, just in case you prefer the shock jocks of old, there is always the good old FM standby, and a CD player thrown into the mix for those nostalgic moments when CDs were the “in” thing, and MP3s are still some way off in the future. Most importantly, the inclusion of an iPod/iPhone dock makes it ideal to keep up with the times, since nearly everyone and their dog has one of those. 

How about audio quality? We sure hope that 80W RMS of stereo sound will be music to your ears, making the Sirocco 550 ideal for the main room within your home. Sirocco 550 will incorporate PURE’s digital end-to-end audio solution, Clearsound, where it relies on high-quality Class D amplifiers and digital audio shaping technology so that clear dynamic audio, higher volume levels and low power consumption are staples for your ears.

Interestingly enough, the model number nearly coincides with its price tag – $555.

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