Swoop the Owl

While we know that we’re all encouraged not to sleep with our phones, sometimes we just can’t help it – even kids are doing it these days. But sleeping with a phone on your bed leads to the device possibly falling off it in the middle of the night – not something that anybody would want happening to their precious smartphone. Well, this new Kickstarter project is aimed to remedy that problem.

Called Swoop the Owl, it is a plush toy that is designed to hold your iPhone. It is 12″ tall, which makes it big enough to hold, use, toss, cuddle and rest your head. It has a special compartment in its belly for people to place their iPhone (or the iPod Touch and other similarly sized products). Phones inside Swoop the Owl remain protected by the toy’s soft exterior, while rendering it fully usable. Calls can be made with the use of a headset, but mostly, it’s just to keep your device safe and usable in the middle of the night.

Swoop the Owl isn’t on sale right now – its creators are still in the process of collecting the necessary funds to kick start the project, so if you’re interested getting one of these, head over to the Swoop the Owl Kickstarter page to place your pre-order and fund the plush. Prices start at $25 per owl.

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