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Sleep Number 360 Is A Smart Bed That Lets You Sleep Better At Night
[CES 2017] You know you live in the future where not only are your phones smarter, your watches smarter, and your cars smarter, but your beds are also smarter. Sleep Number has announced a new “smart bed” that they are calling the Sleep Number 360, a bed designed to help you sleep better at night.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed Is Every Nerd's Dream Come True
Star Wars fans will freak out when they see this Millennium Falcon bed.

Smart Bed is not proof of a poltergeist
As a kid, how did you feel when your mom told you to make your bed every single morning? Of course, she has her good reasons in asking you to do so, and discipline is definitely one of them. Surely if you were that same kid today, you would have the Smart Bed on your wishlist for Christmas. Just take a look at the video above, and don’t tell me […]

HiCan bed costs a lot more than it should
Are you willing to pay an exorbitant amount of cash to have some fancy bed in your bedroom? If you are, you might want to give HiCan some of that money for its High fidelity Canopy bed that is touted to let you “enjoy your bed like never before”. Nevermind the fact that the sum of all the individual parts costs less than the bed itself, ($60,000+) which is enough […]


A Temperature Controlled Bed Makes For A Cozy Sleep
In summer or winter, where the temperatures are at their extremes, running either the air-con or the heater will result in an astronomical bill. So perhaps instead of relying on either air-con or heater to help give you a better night’s rest, how about a bed that allows you to adjust the temperature of it for an alternative? 

Swoop the Owl makes sleeping with your iPhone safe
While we know that we’re all encouraged not to sleep with our phones, sometimes we just can’t help it – even kids are doing it these days. But sleeping with a phone on your bed leads to the device possibly falling off it in the middle of the night – not something that anybody would want happening to their precious smartphone. Well, this new Kickstarter project is aimed to remedy […]

Sapapa offers Tornado bed that rocks through the night
Wait a minute here, get your head out of the gutter. The Tornado bed from Sapapa isn’t as it seems, and while we’re sure you will be able to fulfil your marital duties on a relaxed place, there’s one advantage that the Tornado bed has which others do not – we’re talking about built-in speakers on the headboard to deliver a surround sound experience. Comprising of an embedded amp, two […]

The i-Con bed is one large iPad dock
While people are busy trying to escape technology while they’re asleep, the folks over at Hollandia have been doing the opposite. Hollandia is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of beds and have just released a new bed called the i-Con. We have no idea why they call it the i-Con, but it is touted to be “the world’s first bed designed to work with Apple’s iPad.” And work […]

Evening Breeze beds helps you cool down during those hot nights
Getting a good night’s rest often involves making sure the temperature is right, which is where a heater comes in handy for those winter wonderland moments, while an air conditioner is perfect when the night is hot and humid. The Evening Breeze range of beds go the extra mile by featuring bed posts and canopies that have their very own ventilation systems, pulling air from under your bed while cooling […]