At long last, YouTube is available on Xbox Live. So is live TV. Both new features will make full use of Kinect’s voice controls, just like Mass Effect 3. To control the new revamped Xbox Live UI (inspired by Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI live “tiles”), simply say “Xbox: live TV” or “Xbox: music” or “Xbox: video.” It’s that easy.

According to Microsoft, “TV is more amazing when you are the controller.” Yeah, we’ll see about that. How much are the new features going to cost? Microsoft’s not telling…yet.

And what good is live TV without a little DVR action? Boom. We think Microsoft might make a killing with the new Xbox Live. Not only does it looks snazzy, support that fancy $150 motion sensor and have YouTube support, but it’s all voice-activated! We hear Sony’s shooting for a 10-year life cycle, but look at the Xbox 360 go. The way Microsoft keeps revamping its UI every couple of years shows that the black console still has tons of life in it yet!

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