Forget those tiny joysticks that you paste on your screen which also eats into your screen’s real estate. How about taking a look at the Androcade instead? It creator, Scoot2084 made it shaped like the Android mascot and it’s even green in color too! As you can see in the photo above, it not only can act as a stand of sorts for your Android device, but it can also double as a arcade controller for your Android games, with joystick, buttons and all!

With Arduino and the use of a Bluetooth shield, the Androcade lets you control your Android device wirelessly. If you want to read how he went about creating the Androcade, just head on down to his website for additional information and how to build your own Androcade if you wished. He even provides links to the necessary hardware and the code that you would require in order to get it working. We’re guessing we won’t be seeing the Androcade in stores any time soon, but we wish we did because not only is it incredibly cute, it also brings us back to the good old days of feeding quarters into arcade machines and button mashing.

You can also watch the video below to see the Androcade in action.

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