You would think after what the U.S. government is experiencing in regards to the public’s reaction to its NSA snooping on the American people, the last thing any company would want to do right now is give away any information regarding its customers to anyone. But that’s exactly what AT&T has announced it may do in the future as part of its updated privacy policy.

AT&T’s Public Policy Blog published an update where the company said they may start selling anonymous user data to retailers and marketers “to deliver more relevant advertising to our customers.” This isn’t the first time a wireless carrier has sold anonymous information, but AT&T is unique as it plans to combine data across its TV, Wi-Fi and wireless users, as well as possibly offer information concerning its users’ app usage and U-Verse information.

AT&T also notes it could sell information based on its individual users, which the company stipulates the collected data would be kept completely anonymous and media research companies would be able to use that information for aggregated reports. AT&T does allow its customers to opt-out of this program though, so if you feel like keeping your privacy private, be sure to opt out.

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