Anyone who is serious about video games would certainly have heard about Ben Heck – modder extraordinary, coming up with plenty of interesting designs in the past that might be mistaken by some to be straight from the manufacturer themselves if one was not well versed with the home video game console industry. Well, Ben Heck has done it again this time around, although not with a new console, but rather, a disc changer for the Xbox 360 console from Microsoft.

This particular mod saw Ben remove the CD player as well as disc carousel from the CD changer, while he reconfigured the case and components to ensure that all discs are properly loaded right into the impromptu Xbox chassis that he created. Of course, this project does not only involve rerouting of wires and ripping out of other hardware while bringing them together – he has also decided to write a program so that the discs will change as desired.

Too bad this project was never completed, and we will never know the reasons behind it. For those who want a piece of history, Ben is offering it up as a giveaway on his show. Boy, are video games making us humans lazier by the day.

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