Bracketron has just introduced its Dual USB Charger that provides energy to two thirsty devices at once in any vehicle. Inclusive of both high and low-current USB outputs, this more or less enables you to power a tablet (like an iPad, for example) and a smartphone at once while you remain focused on the road, formulating a winning business presentation plan along the way.

The Dual USB Charger will retail for $24.95 and is small enough to fit into your pocket – but chances are you will leave it plugged into the car’s 12V port at all times just in case a device needs charging. Guess that means you will have to find a different lighter if you’re a smoker. An LED light will let you know when power is being sent over to your power-hungry devices.

Portable charging solutions should be in the manifesto of most frequent travelers – it makes perfect sense after all, what with today’s ever hungry devices that require daily charging to live out their full potential the next day at work.

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