Love the planet? How about making conscious choices that are aligned with the green movement around the world? You can always start with your diet, moving on to other areas such as transport by getting around on two wheelers such as bicycles. Granted, if you have a particularly long commute, take public transport where possible instead of driving. Israeli design student Dror Peleg came up with the frii design for a bicycle, where it is meant to help green the earth since it is made out of recycled plastics thanks to injection molding technology.


When compared to the construction process of the traditional metal bicycle, the frii’s is far less labor-intensive and more accessible, since you can always opt to have it customized to characteristics of the local industry. The end result is a colorful bicycle that is sure to turn heads, and you get around without emitting more carbon than you should. I do wonder just how much something like this would cost if it were to be realized on a massive scale…

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