Whether you like it or not, Facebook executives must be quaking in their boots, wondering whether Internet search giant Google’s Google+ social network might just eat into Facebook’s 750 million plus user pie. Google+ might be a potential example of the blue ocean strategy to a certain extent, making sure that Facebook becomes irrelevant upon its release, but chances are it will still be some ways to go before Google becomes the juggernaut that Facebook is on the social networking front.

According to Ancestry.com’s Paul Allen, he has estimated that Google+ will pass 10 million users in no time, potentially hitting 20 million users when this weekend rolls around. How did he come about such figures? Well, he didn’t cast any scrying spell or look into a crystal ball, but rather, derived it from the comparison of last names on Google+ with US census data when it comes to surname popularity. 

What do you think? Will Google+ overtake Facebook in due time and make it irrelevant, or is the market large enough to support both players? It would be interesting to see whether both of them will team up to penetrate the potentially lucrative China market though.

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