HP doesn’t just make computers and mobile devices that let you check your Facebook status wherever you go, you know. They too, seem to have an interest in the health department – otherwise, they would not have come up with the HP Mobile Health Monitoring Solution that has undergone testing with Singapore telco, SingTel. Just what the heck does the new Mobile Health Monitoring Solution do? Well, it supposedly measures your blood pressure or CASP, central aortic systolic pressure, in real time, where it is touted to be an accurate indicator of a patient’s cardiac health. 

Using non-invasive BPro EVBP Technology as well as proprietary algorithms, the results are said to be as accurate as though the measurement was done via a surgical procedure. Needless to say, HP’s version will even allow the patient to be monitored remotely over a cellular network, so that you need not pay a visit to hospitals or clinics when it comes to measuring your blood pressure. Would be interesting to wear this while you watch your favorite team in the playoff finals… [Press Release]

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