Stereoscopic 3D technology has certainly proved to be one of the more popular showcase appliances for many major consumer electronics players at CES earlier this year, but the adoption of 3D HDTVs are perhaps not as explosive as industry analysts expected. Perhaps the general consumer feel that it is not quite a need yet, and even if you were to rely on a passive shutter system, you will still need to ensure each person has a pair of glasses to wear before the movie starts. Well, maybe exploring other technology like what LG is doing is the better option. LG is said to be working on a 55″ OLED TV that is slated for a release later next year, according to LG Display CEO Kwon Young-soo.

Kwon claims that there is “no point in continuing to concentrate efforts on small- and medium-sized OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display technology, (which are) mainly used for tablets and other mobile devices. We will make no more investment in the sector, judging that the OLED business is relatively less profitable than other products in the mobile sector.”

This means the South Korean consumer electronics giant will be redirecting their efforts into churning out large screen TVs with OLED technology instead. You can be sure that when it arrives, ‘cheap’ is not gonna be a keyword.

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