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LG Releases Pricing For Some 2019 OLED TV Models
LG showed off its new 2019 OLED TV lineup not too long ago and the company is finally in a position to confirm how much it’s going to ask for the new TVs. The company is great at making premium OLED TVs and they’re obviously priced accordingly. Since the new lineup sticks with that strategy, you can expect them to be as pricey as their predecessors.

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R: World’s First Rollable TV
LG has been going extremely well in the high-end TV market, and the new model 65R9 of the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R series will further increase the halo effect that the company is enjoying across its OLED televisions.

Sony's New 2018 OLED TVs Start At $2,800
Sony’s OLED TVs haven’t exactly been cheap. The original model started at $5,000 when it was launched last and while the latest lineup is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, it’s certainly more affordable than its predecessor. Sony has confirmed the pricing for its new 2018 OLED TVs which start at $2,800.

LG Signature 4K OLED W Price Revealed
LG impressed the crowd at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 earlier this month with the Signature OLED W-Series TV. As we mentioned in our initial report from Las Vegas, LG has pushed the envelope on design with this latest series. Even though the company didn’t confirm the prices then we knew that this series wasn’t going to be cheap. A retailer has revealed the LG Signature 4K OLED W price […]


LG Pushes The Envelope On Design With Flagship Signature OLED TV W
LG unveiled its Signature OLED W-Series TV at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, this is the flagship model in its latest lineup of flat-panel TVs. The ten different models feature Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and the 77 inch LG Signature OLED TV W in particular pushes the envelope on design. Just to be clear, the photo above shows the actual TV product, not some kind of OLED panel demo…

Chinese Manufacturers Start Making OLED TVs
The OLED TV market has more or less been cornered by Korean giants like LG and Samsung. Their display affiliates are the ones that are supplying OLED panels to other manufacturers so they basically have a virtual monopoly on the market. Chinese manufacturers have been trying to compete as well and they are now ready to push their homegrown OLED technology into the market.

LG's OLED TVs Get A Price Cut
The holiday season is just around the corner and customers will surely be looking out for great deals on products that they have been meaning to purchase. Those who are in the market for a new TV might want to check out LG’s OLED TVs. The company has cut the price on some of its best OLED TVs thus offering good value for money. The company has discounted two of […]

Samsung Might Reintroduce OLED TVs Next Year
Samsung is a big name in the TV industry and every year at the Consumer Electronic Show it comes out with new models that are significantly better than its predecessors. Despite the fact that it heavily relies on Super AMOLED display for its mobile devices the company hasn’t adopted the technology with such vigor for its TVs. According to a new report, that’s going to change starting next year.

LG Wants To Capture The OLED TV Market By The End Of 2015
LG is pretty serious about improving its position in the global OLED TV market, a top official of LG Electronics revealed during a roundtable at IFA 2015 in Berlin that the company now plans to sell five times as many OLED TVs that it did in the first half of this year. The aim here is to make LG OLED TVs the new standard of TV by the end of […]

LG And Swarovski Delivers Ultimate Premium OLED TV
When it comes to living in large, there are many different ways to do so. Some of us happen to have a whole lot more money than others to “throw around”, if you will, and even the high end stuff that one purchases ends up looking rather “ordinary”. Surely there must be more than what is available in the market to satiate your appetite? Apparently so, as South Korean consumer […]

LG Commercializes 4K OLED TV
Technology changes at such a fast pace, so much so that we find ourselves constantly trying to keep up with the latest and greatest developments. Having said that, when was the last time you upgraded your TV? Perhaps it was not too long ago, but LG intends to be a game changer by commercializing the 4K OLED TV market.

LG 55EC930 OLED TV Marks A New Low…In Price
Most of the time, when we talk about large sized TVs, chances are these behemoths would cost an arm and a leg, and maybe beyond that. However, with South Korean giant LG announcing their latest offering, the LG 55EC930 OLED TV, it is surprising to take note (in a pleasant manner, of course) that the LG 55EC9300 actually costs less than the $3,500 mark, which makes it a new low […]

LG 55 Inch OLED TV Price Slashed In Half
LG first showed off its curved OLED TV, model 55EA9800, back at CES 2013. It took a lot of time for this 55 inch curved OLED TV to make it Stateside after being showcased at the biggest electronics show of the year. It finally arrived in July last year, costing well over $14,999. The Korean manufacturer has now announced that it is slashing the price in half, and that the […]

Hands-On: Samsung Curved OLED TV Review
Samsung announced today they would be bringing its 55-inch Curved OLED TV (Model# KN55S9C) to the U.S. market, which was previously only made available in Korean markets, for a MSRP of $8999. As the name suggest, the Curved OLED TV uses the the same floating design that was introduced earlier this year at CES, which gives the viewer the feeling content is “floating.” We were given some time to get […]