Star Wars Xbox 360

What do Motorola and Microsoft have in common? Not much at the moment, but come this fall, both companies will have Droid-themed products up for sale. Droid-themed, you say? To be more specific, we’re talking about the droids from Star Wars – and to be even more precise, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite robot: R2D2.

Motorola already did this last year with the R2D2-themed Motorola Droid 2, and now it looks like Microsoft will be joining the bandwagon with an R2D2-themed Xbox 360 Kinect bundle. It features a white Xbox 360 console that is styled with the familiar decals of Star Wars’ most famous robot, the R2D2. It also comes with a matching white Kinect motion controller. To top it all off, the console will also come with a controller that is styled after R2D2’s companion: C3P0, featuring the familiar gold base (fortunately it’s not that shiny) with black trim.

And of course, the set will come bundled with Star Wars Kinect, Kinect Adventures and a 320GB hard drive. The ultimate starter pack for Star Wars fans that haven’t bought an Xbox yet but want to play out their Jedi fantasies using the Kinect. The bundle will be limited edition (it wasn’t mentioned how many would be made), and will set you back $449 when it goes on sale this fall.

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