Wearable Inc. and Maxell recently announced that they will be working together to distribute what is touted to be the one and only wireless flash drive which boasts of media streaming and 2-way wireless document transfer capability in the world – the AirStash. Basically, if you want to view your entire hoard of media without having your portable device’s (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc) storage space getting filled up, then the AirStash is the way to go.


Basically, the AirStash is touted to merge the best of both worlds – offering the portability of a standard USB flash drive with the flexibility of SD flash media, accompanied by the convenience of wireless two-way file transfer. Since the AirStash relies on a standard USB connection, there are no additional cables for you to tote around, and with an SD memory card slot, you get more or less “infinite” expandability.

There is an AirStash+ app which can be downloaded for free on Apple’s App Store if you are interested, although it would most probably remain within the domain of professional photographers as that apps was built specially for them. [Press Release]

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