GooglemanAccording to the latest stats discovered by SocialStatistics, 86.8% of Google+ users are male. Another site, FindPeopleOnPlus reported that 73.7% of Google+ users are male. Regardless of which site is more accurate, they both seem to point towards the network being more male dominated – at least for now. And what’s more interesting is that FindPeopleOnPlus also reports that 95% of Google+ users who say they are “looking for love” on the site are also male. Compared to the almost 50-50 split between genders on Facebook, it looks like the social network needs to be more appealing to females if they intend to be successful, seeing how in today’s world, people of both genders are just as techno-savvy as opposed to many years ago when the computer was usually written off as a guy’s toy.

While Google+ isn’t a social network that wasn’t exactly designed for guys to go hunting for girls (there are other sites for that) – these stats should give you guys some heads up if you’re thinking about foraying into the world of Google+ to pick up girls. Though if you’re of the fairer sex on the prowl, I guess Google+ should be right up your alley.

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