If you enjoyed playing Time Crisis in the arcade back when you were younger, it appears that Namco, the company behind the game, has put out a free app for iPhones called the iGunCon which basically mimics the same light guns that Namco used back then. Essentially the app will turn your iPhone into a virtual gun that can be used with Namco’s games.

For those who weren’t aware, Namco has released the Time Crisis series on both the iPad 2 and Mac computers, with the iPad 2 version called TIME CRISIS 2ND STRIKE HD and the Mac version, which is available from the Mac App Store, being called TIME CRISIS 2ND STRIKE. Downloading either game to your iPad 2 or Mac computer will allow you to pair your iPhone with either device and use it as a gun controller.

The app even comes with a variety of shooting sounds that you can choose from, such as the handgun, machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher. I’m guessing that the only downside to a virtual gun controller is that you will not be able to enjoy the satisfaction of physically spamming the trigger anymore.

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