You know how tired out executives can get after a particularly long, hard day at work? Well, most of us who are slaves to the cubicle tend to enter a post-lunch coma, requiring some caffeine to perk us up to tide one through the afternoon. If only we can get some shuteye for a few minutes, that would definitely do the trick. While the Ostrich Pillow literally lets you bury your head somewhere, the Pillow Tie – or “Nemuri Tie” in Japanese, can be inflated so that you can catch forty winks right on your desk there and then, although it will not save you the embarrassment of your colleagues snapping photos of you drooling and posting them on Facebook after that.

What looks and works like a standard tie features a secret air vent that is located discretely at the back of the neck, inflating like a pillow when blown. Made out of silk and special micro fibres, the material used will help your skin remain cool during summer. Expect the Pillow Tie to retail for around £20 (2,500 yen). Just make sure your office has a pro-Sleep Tie policy, otherwise you might find yourself using this as a pillow back home.

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