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MultiTouch Creates Touchscreen Capable Of Working In Bright Lighting
If you’ve watched certain news programs, you’ll know many of the reporters have been using a large touchscreen to help deliver the news a little easier. You can see them swipe, enlarge and flip images and even video on their screen, which most likely is a MultiTouch screen. But one thing news reporters have succumbed to when using MultiTouch screens is the inability to use them properly due to the […]

MultiTouch develops world’s biggest multi-touch wall
Check out the MultiTaction Cell displays that were specially developed by MultiTouch, where it has gained the moniker as the world’s biggest multi-touch wall, and surely this will be part of a groundbreaking business communications facility. MultiTouch’s claim to fame is being the developer of the world’s first modular multi-touch LCD screen for large-scale displays, so their achievement that you can view in the video above is certainly a sight […]

Mozayo multi touch hardwood table
Valuable hardwood are being felled each day in order to provide the necessary lumber required to satisfy the cravings fo the rich and famous in their homes and luxury yachts. Well, for those with a taste for the high flying lifestyle, you might want to consider the Mozayo multi touch hardwood table right smack in the middle of your living room. Moyazo’s unique multi-touch table was specially developed using rigorous […]

Multi-touch floor for future homes?
So we have smartphones that more or less come with a full touchscreen display these days, so it is interesting to see the idea of a multi-touch floor being toyed around by IBM. In fact, IBM was granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently for a security system that actually relies on the floor as its main component. It will transform the floor into a multi-touch […]


Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh gets interactive
Just how has touchscreen technology affected you today – for the better (or worse)? Surely all our smartphones these days come with a multi-touch capable display, and we also have tablets to keep us occupied during those more mundane moments in life. How about introducing touch interactivity with a valuable piece of art? This is what we are looking at with Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” which has undergone a […]

TouchDroid team shows TouchPad on Android 2.3.5 with multitouch
Remember the TouchDroid project that kicked off shortly after HP announced that they will no longer continue support for the webOS platform? Well, shortly after that, a group of developers known as TouchDroid decided to port over the Android operating system to the HP TouchPad, and now we have a video of Android 2.3.5 running on a TouchPad – complete with multitouch capability to boot!The current firmware hacks receive their […]

Real time strategy games brought to a whole new level
If you’ve ever watched the pros play RTS (real time strategy) games like Starcraft, Warcraft and Command & Conquer, you will see frenzied clicking and typing on the mouse and keyboard, and you should also start hearing terms and phrases like “micro managing” and “APM” (actions per minute).

32-inch multi-touch display runs on Android
SKR (a company from South Korea) has come up with a new prototype multi-touch system that has Android as the operating system of choice, delivering 32″ of viewing (and touching) goodness. Guess you can be more accurate than ever in a game of Angry Birds on this puppy. It will run off a regular Android terminal that is connected via USB to the touch sensors, while HDMI will supply images […]

Large multi-touch display used as a giant microscope
If you had a large touchscreen at your disposal, the first thing you would probably think of doing is play Angry Birds on it. Well, believe it or not, touchscreen displays can be used for productive purposes as well. Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland collaborated with Multitouch Ltd to combine a giant touchscreen with a networked digital microscopy system and came up with a new breed of […]

New Apple Magic Mouse could get multi-touch display
Now here’s an interesting tidbit of news – Apple has apparently indicated their interest in throwing in a new display to its multi-touch Magic Mouse, which would certainly go some ways in adding interactivity and functionality to the wireless mouse. This new Magic Mouse was revealed earlier this week in a patent application that was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where it was entitled “Computer Input Device […]

iPhone new multi-touch gestures demonstrated
There have been plenty of reports and rumors on multi-touch gestures being implemented on Apple’s iPhone. Such a feature might be very useful on the iPad, as it has a much larger display, giving you plenty of room to swipe, but how useful would it be on the iPhone? Now someone out there has managed to get the multi-touch gesture feature running on his iPhone and you can check out […]

Tacto display offers unlimited multi-touch
[CES 2011] Never mind that the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) is going on at the same time as CES, the Tacto LCD display you see above? We’re pretty sure that it gets a whole lot more gropes and touches than even the biggest porn star at AEE. Why do we say so? This OEM module offers 46” of touchscreen goodness, and it is said to be able to handle an unlimited […]

Huawei S7 Android Tablet With Multi-touch On Its Way?
The Huawei S7 is a 7-inch Android tablet with decent specifications such as a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 3G and Wi-Fi data connectivity. The disappointment for many folks is the discovery that the version of the phone available in the US and Europe features a resistive touchscreen display, which means that the fun of multi-touch isn’t available to them. While there isn’t any official confirmation yet, Huawei could be preparing to […]

Omnio WOWKeys Turns iPhone Into A Multi-touch Trackpad
Do you remember the Eee Keyboard? If you don’t plan on purchasing a whole new computer, you could always check out the WOWKeys from Omnio. This $100 USB keyboard doubles up as an iPhone dock, supporting both Mac and PC. There are a good 15 hotkeys designed for the iPhone’s use and you’ll be able to easily load up apps to turn the iPhone into a media center remote control, […]

Apple Sues Motorola Over Multi-touch
Considering how popular multi-touch technology is on touchscreen smartphones nowadays, it isn’t too surprising to hear that Apple has filed patent infringement suits against Motorola, claiming that the multi-touch that it uses includes Apple-owned intellectual property. Reports are going around that Apple filed two separate suits against the big M over six different patents, mainly related to Motorola’s smartphones such as the Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Cliq, Cliq XT, […]

Speedlink Cue Multi-touch Wireless Mouse For PCs
If you wanted to get the fun of multi-touch on your older Windows notebook that didn’t feature a multi-touch trackpad, then you might want to check out the Speedlink Cue. The Cue is a wireless 1000dpi optical mouse with a multi-touch surface. It connects to your notebook via a USB nano-receiver, similar to those commonly found on wireless mice from Logitech and Microsoft. Gestures can be configured with the supplied […]

Apple Awarded Patent on Pinch to Zoom
Apple’s been granted several patents related to the company’s work in multitouch touchscreen technologies, which debuted on the original aluminum iPhone and changed the PDA and smartphone market from a stylus-based enterprise device to a finger-friendly, fun consumer phone. The patent that we’re examining today relates to pinch to zoom, and although the patent that Apple was granted is limited in nature, it does mark a major milestone for a […]

Eizo Nanao announces FlexScan T2351W multitouch monitor
The multitouch experience has become a staple for many ever since the iPhone took the world by storm, and this has proliferated to a gamut of devices as well apart from Apple’s offerings.Eizo Nanao decided to bring the multitouch experience to your desktop thanks to the new FlexScan T2351W multitouch monitor, where it will play nice with Windows 7’s support for multitouch, lessening the use of your mouse or keyboard […]

Multitouch gesture support heads towards Ubuntu 10.10
Multitouch gesture support is so common these days across a plethora of devices, even Windows 7 comes with it without the need for additional add-ons. Apart from that, Apple OS X and iOS, Google Android, Palm WebOS alongside other mobile operating systems do feature multitouch gesture support as well, resulting in Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth jumping aboard the bandwagon by announcing the upcoming version of Ubuntu supporting multitouch gestures […]

Build Your Own Multi-touch Surface For $350
Want to be able to piece together your own multi-touch surface computer to impress your friends when they come over for a beer? If you’ve got $350 to spare, and have the patience to read through some instructions, you might be able to do just that. Some folks out there have come up with a nice multi-touch surface computer in a homemade wood cabinet that sports a transparent acrylic top. […]