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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Literally With Nescafe
Instant coffee brand Nescafe has turned to 3D printing in order to churn out a novelty item, where an extremely limited number of 200 jars of coffee will be sold worldwide that will boast of a new 3D-printed lid that sports the machinations of an alarm clock within. This particular idea was created by NotLabs, which is the creative division of NotCot, alongside Publicis Mexico. This special lid is 3D […]

The Ring Clock Helps You Keep The Sands Of Time In Your Hands
For years now, people have worn rings on their fingers as well as watches on their hands. Rings would be used in order to indicate someone’s marital status as well as being used for fashion, while watches are used to tell time in addition to their use in fashion. Now, you won’t need to wear one or the other as the Ring Clock combines both a ring and a watch […]

Lego Binary Clock
A Lego Binary Clock made out of everyone's favorite brick toy.

BERG Cuckoo Clock Sings With Each Tweet
You might not have heard of BERG before, but they are an UK-based design consultancy whose claim to fame would be their innovative creation, The Little Printer. Well, staying put in a single place or resting on your laurels is never the way to go if you want to maintain a competitive edge. This could very well be why the BERG Cuckoo Clock has proven itself to be a new […]


QR Code Clock is the bee’s knees
Just how many ways do you think there are around to make good use of QR codes? We have seen them being implemented at graveyards on tombstones before, which is rather creepy when you think about it, but here is yet another way of implementing QR codes without having to be an advertisement of sorts. I am referring to the QR Code Clock – the name itself says it all. […]

Apple and SBB come to agreement over iOS 6 Clock app
Funny how Apple went all out to make sure that Samsung paid their dues in terms of infringing upon Apple’s design patents, and the Cupertino company was challenged by the Swiss national railway (SBB) for using their iconic clock design in iOS 6’s Clock application without asking for any permission prior. Sure, Apple might argue that they were “inspired” by the old school design, but I guess you just have […]

Alarm clock requires PIN code to shut up
There is nothing quite like the feeling of sleeping in on a nice, cool morning (especially when it rains outside), but for the most of us, our sweet rest is interrupted not by a crowing rooster, but the din of an alarm clock. It doesn’t matter whether it is the traditional ring or your favorite artist singing, waking up without getting enough sleep is never a nice feeling to have. […]

Computer Sound Card Circuit Board Desk Clock
Since everyone is big on going green these days, it makes perfect sense that as we upgrade our computers once every few years to keep up with the times, what do we do with all the old stuff? An enterprising person decided to take an abandoned sound card alongside other computer parts, and fashioned a Computer Sound Card Circuit Board Desk Clock, slapping a $24.99 price point to it after […]

The Present clock tells the time in seasons
There’s that popular saying, “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present”. This saying seems to have been taken and embodied by Scott Thrift, an inventor and filmmaker that created m ss ng p eces. His Kickstarter project seems to be based on present and it’s a clock, dubbed The Present, that tells the time in seasons, as opposed to […]

Datamatrix code clock
What you see here is an interesting ‘concoction’, if I may call it that – it is actually a Datamatrix code clock. Needless to say, the Datamatrix code is highly visible on the outside, where the significance of it all would be signalling both time and place to a pair of artifical eyes.It would be a rather cool marketing plan if this particular clock design was to be applied to […]

Cadence Ecomatic Sport Watch
I clearly remember back in the days when I was still a kid, there were ordinary watches that ran on batteries, while the really rich kids in my school actually wore timepieces that did not need any sort of winding mechanism or batteries to keep it going – those watches used kinetic energy instead to tell the time indefinitely. Well, Cadence transports me back to that era with their Ecomatic […]

Toast clock is inedible
We’ve covered a fair share of weird gadgets here on Ubergizmo, and here’s one of the more interesting ones we’ve seen recently – a clock looks just like a slice of toasted bread. Hailing all the way from Japan, this interesting wall decoration makes for a great conversation starter in addition to being a functional time keeper. On the face of the clock we have numbers that look like they […]

Defusable alarm clock will probably cause problems with airport security
How many of you fancy the idea of having dynamite next to your bed to wake you up? Well, not one that will literally blow up and take along half your face with it, but an alarm clock that’s designed like one instead? Mike Krumpus of Nootropic Design has come up with one very interesting alarm clock that’s fashioned to look like bunch of dynamite sticks (like you see in […]

McIntosh Mantle Clock is a frivolous yet expensive purchase
You know, money makes people do weird things – especially when you have far too much money to spend in this lifetime as well as the next. Well, if you happen to be in possession of plenty of cold, hard cash in your bank account, then you might want to consider bringing home the McIntosh Mantle Clock. The clock itself was specially designed to look as though it was some […]

"Sony" Alarm Clock and Radio is a HD Spy Camera
If you think that someone has been stealing the cookies from the cookie jar in the kitchen but haven’t been able to find the thief because nobody in your house wants to admit doing it, it might be time to take some drastic action. Like installing a camera in the kitchen to see who’s been stealing your treats. Since a regular camera won’t do (it would stick out like a […]

iLive Clock Radio is one sexy-looking iPhone dock
Most iPhone docks don’t do very much with the phone – you just leave it on to charge for the night and that’s about it. Well, that’s where the iLive Clock Radio Dock comes into play. The dock comes with a clock face that’s missing the 12, and when the iPhone is plugged in, it displays the 12 and the clock hands with the use of an app. Charging your […]

Cadence 4-Bit Wall Clock
Live out the geek lifestyle to the maximum with the Cadence 4-Bit Wall Clock, where this subtle timepiece with 4-bit binary embellishments will offer a more sophisticated look whether you are at home or at the office. Similar to its predecessors in the form of the 4-Bit Chrono Watch, the numbers on this dial will be featured in 4-bit binary code, which is actually the digital encoding method of 1’s […]

LARK helps you wake up in silence
Now isn’t that an oxymoron, where you are supposed to wake up in the mornings with the traditional din of an alarm clock? The LARK takes a different route, intending to help you greet a brand new day in silence. This is known as an “un-alarm” clock (if there is such a thing), where it will also double up as a sleep sensor and personal sleep coach that was specially […]

Nooka needs your help to churn out wall clocks from existing watch designs
Nooka is a familiar name for those who want a specially designed timepiece that is not meant to be an investment, but rather, a fashion statement. Well, the company isn’t content with where they are at the moment and want to look outwards to offer more than just watches – as they intend to carry their watch designs into a range of wall clocks which ought to be one of […]

Light Gap concept clock
Now the Light Gap is a green and eco-friendly concept clock that sports solar cells on its rear end – this means you would do well to stick it on a window, letting sunlight illuminate the slit that is located on the face in order to form the hour hand. When dusk falls, the batteries will take over where the sunlight left off, illuminating a row of LEDs in the […]