If you’re looking for a pair of headphones and an MP3 player to accompany you during your workouts at the gym, then perhaps Sony’s latest offering of the water-resistant Sony NWZ-W260 Sports Walkman might be something you could check out. What makes this so unique over other “sporty” headphones is that it does away with the need for a separate MP3 player as the player is built into the headphones itself. So for some of us who rather not have an iPod or Zune bouncing away in our pockets while we run, this will be a great alternative.

Transferring songs to the player seems to be relatively easy and files can be dragged and dropped into the player, and will support synching with iTunes or the PlayStation 3. Featuring 8 hours of battery life, the player also comes with a quick charging technology that Sony claims will bring it back up to an hour’s capacity within three minutes of charging.

It’s also water resistant which is great when sweat is pouring down your face, and Sony thinks that it should be able to survive a shower as well, although we’re not sure why we would bring a pair of headphones into the shower with us. The headphone/MP3 player combo will go on sale next month, with the 2GB version (NWZ-W262) fetching a price of $59.99, while the 4GB version (NWZ-W263) will go for $79.99.

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