Sony DollWhile patents aren’t a sign of things to come (most of the time, companies file for patent applications just to protect ideas that may or may not be used in the future); a recently discovered Sony patent shows a new direction it might be taking with its gaming consoles. And a weird one it is.

The patent, filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe back in 2008 was recently published, and it shows an interesting looking doll that resembles some sort of teddy bear with a bit of Troll doll hair. The toy is supposed to be made up of a storage medium reader, a media content player, a wireless receiver and a processor. The “doll” will be able to move its limbs on its own, can sense human touch, light levels, has image and voice recognition, and a refillable reservoir for storing liquid that it can release when needed (i.e. to generate tears).

The doll is said to work with the PlayStation and PSP though it wasn’t mentioned how it will interact with the console. Fun for kids? Or another toy where nightmares stem from? I guess we’ll just have to see if Sony ever releases a doll like this.

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