It’s hard to find a smartphone user who is not annoyed by the bloatware that carriers tend to install on their devices. Most of the time these carrier apps aren’t used and in general just tends to unnecessarily consume resources on the phone, which sometimes ends up causing not-so optimal user experiences. This is one of the reasons why many Android users root their devices and also why companies like HTC and Motorola have been pressured by their users to unlock their device’s bootloaders.

Well if you’re a user on Sprint’s network, Fared Adib, who is Sprint’s VP of Product Development, is probably a person you should be thanking as he is currently championing the cause to remove as much carrier bloatware from smartphones as possible. It seems that he noticed that there were a number of users out there who were unhappy with the amount of carrier bloatware that goes into a phone, a sentiment which he took rather seriously and decided to act upon it.

If you’re looking for evidence of his work, just take a look at the HTC EVO 3D, which seems to contain the minimal amount of carrier apps preinstalled. According to Fared, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and there are plans to do the same on all of Sprint’s future devices. He’s also currently pushing for the option for users to remove the current carrier apps if they choose to.

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