Unless you use a tripod or have super steady hands or are fortunate enough to have access to professional filming equipment, chances are your home made movies tend to be a bit on the shaky side, and we can’t blame you. After all you were probably thinking of capturing the moment, rather than worrying about image stability, right?

However if the shakiness of your videos is starting to concern you and you’re not looking to create the Cloverfield sequel, how about using military grade software vReveal to stabilize your videos?

It supposedly uses the same technology found in UAV drones that the US military uses for surveillance. After all, how much use can they get out of surveillance footage if they turn out blurry and shaky, rendering them unusable? Since blurry and shaky videos are highly unacceptable, the solution was to use various software along with sophisticated multi-frame algorithms to help stabilize full-motion video in real-time.

The good news is that the software is free, although there is a premium version that you can purchase for $49 which will remove advertisements and temporary watermarks that can be found in the free version. If you don’t mind paying $49 or having temporary watermarks, just head on down to vReveal’s website and download your copy.

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