Samsung Exhibit 4GDon’t you just hate it when you get calls from unknown numbers? You never know whether you should pick them up or you should avoid them. Well, T-Mobile customers now have the option to identify unknown callers, with T-Mobile’s new caller ID service called Name ID. Costing $3.99 a month, the service will allow T-Mobile users to identify who’s calling them even if they don’t have their number saved in their contact list.


The service will identify the name, city and state of the callers – provided the number has those details attached to it. And if users wish to, they can save these details onto their address books for future use. The days of receiving prank calls or sales pitches from telemarketers are finally over – unfortunately the service isn’t for all T-Mobile users yet. Only those with the Samsung Exhibit 4G will be able to make use of the feature. Other handsets including the myTouch 4G Slide will get it later this month.

T-Mobile Name ID is available starting today, with a free 10-day trial for users who are unsure about spending money for the service.

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