Do you think that designs of phones these days have plateaued, with nothing really jaw dropping to entice you to part with your hard earned money? We guess that folks aren’t placing that high an importance on sheer design alone, as the handset would also need a decent back end and software library to make it worth checking out. However, if you were to rely just on design alone, then the Von phone concept might be something worth looking into, especially when you take into consideration its ability to be sensitive to sound – especially when it emits a knocking sound when hit, while resembling a piece of xylophone.


Freelance designer Mac Funamizu is the man behind this idea, as he wants owners of the handset to interact with the Von in a non-conventional manner. You surely know someone who fidgets with his/her phone during a conversation? This is where the Von comes in to add some color and especially life into the situation. 

In fact, the Knock feature lets you knock it to see whether you have any unread emails or text messages, while the Shake function will let you know just how many unchecked RSS feeds or Tweets left. It probably would never make it off the assembly line for obvious reasons, but it is fun to toy around, don’t you think so?

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