A couple of days ago, hacking collective Anonymous went ahead and defaced the Syrian Ministry of Defence’s website, leaving a message that supported the residents in Syria who were pro-democracy. I guess the arrest of LulzSec’s alleged leader, Topiary, did not faze Anonymous as they went about business as usual.

Well we guess that a group of Syrian hackers decided not to take this defacement of their country’s Ministry of Defence’s website lying down and have retaliated in kind by hacking into Anonymous’s social networking website, AnonPlus and leaving a message that reads as follows:

“In response to your hacking to the website of Syrian Ministry of Defence, the Syrian people have decided to purify the Internet of our [sic.] pathetic website.

“Your website has been hacked, and he we leave you these photos showing the scale of terrorism committed by Muslim Bortherhood Organization, whose members have been killing Syrian citizens – civilians and military.

“You are defending this terrorits [sic.] organization and this is our response.. here is photos of the Syrian Army Martyrs,”

This would be the second time AnonPlus’s website has been hacked into which makes it rather ironic. However it turns out that some are questioning the legitimacy of AnonPlus, and according to a Tweet by Sabu, “Turns out people were correct: anonplus.com was a troll domain. Belongs to “fro” aka “cnaperth” aka “Adam Bennett” from Perth, Aussie.” As to how true that is, I guess we will never know for sure but if AnonPlus really does not hold any affiliations to Anonymous, it looks like the Syrian hackers might have hacked the wrong website.

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