What do you do when you get banned or kicked out from Google+? You create your own social networking website of course! At least that’s what the hacker group, Anonymous, has decided to do when they were booted from Google+ for violating some of the rules for Google’s new social networking website. The group had apparently violated community standards which resulted not only in Google removing the group’s Google+ account, but their Gmail too.

Quoting verbatim from Anonymous:

“We’ve all heard the stories of activists being banned from FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and governments blocking their people from these sites as well through organized black outs. That day has came to an end. Not only did a few people organized an Operation ageist Google+, but we have started to build our own Social Network.”

Do not expect this to be another Facebook or MySpace. Instead, Anonymous has described their aim for their new social networking website “where there is no fear…of censorship…of blackout…nor of holding back” and where basically anybody can join, hacker or not.

Naturally social networking websites take time to build so do not expect AnonPlus to be launching any time soon, although it would be curious to see who will be signing up for it and what sort of features they will have. Would you be interested in signing up for AnonPlus if you could?

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