While the iPhone has the “Find my iPhone” utility app that lets iPhone users search for their missing/misplaced/stolen iPhones, Apple has recently enabled beta testing of a new security feature which they have dubbed “Find my Mac” to developers, which we’re guessing is the same as “Find my iPhone” except for Mac computers.

Now we’re not sure how hard it is to misplace your Mac computer given the fact that it’s a lot bigger than an iPhone or iPad, and it can hardly slip out of your pocket either, but for those times when you get your Mac stolen or snatched while walking home, then perhaps this new tool could very well help you track down your computer and possibly even the thief who stole it.

While “Find my iPhone” works by using GPS built into the iPhone to determine its location, “Find my Mac” can’t because Mac computers do not come with GPS built in (maybe in the future?). Instead it relies on nearby WiFi networks to determine the computer’s location, so let’s hope that you did not leave your Mac in the car park or that the person who stole your Mac will be in an area that has WiFi connectivity.

When the user locates their computer they will have the option of sending a message, remotely locking the screen or even wiping out the hard drive. The application is expected launch this fall in conjunction with iCloud and will be free.

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