Well, what can I say about the Aroma Lid? I have not given it a go, but if it were to work as advertised, it would mean your regular cup of joe that you drink at the office? It will go from zero to hero in an instant. An adrenaline rush, to so speak, or perhaps the Captain Americanization of your double espresso. All through a lid, you say? Well, that’s what the website claims, so give it a shot (pun not intended) if you are curious to know.


The Aroma Lid hails from Mint Urban Technologies, where this new cover has been infused with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Basically, this means whenever your taste buds experience a sip, you will not only taste, but smell a wonderful, full-bodied brew. It is interesting to note that the scent itself is extremely subtle so that you cannot detect the odor easily, although having enough strength to stimulate your sense of smell. I wonder if coffee shops will start taking up these lids in order to improve their business…

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