BlackBerry Bold 9900Perhaps in a bid to regain some market share, RIM’s upcoming Blackberry devices will be featuring NFC technology. However if the recent rumors are to believed, it appears that AT&T is looking to disable the NFC capabilities of the upcoming Blackberry Bold 9900. The hardware required for NFC will still be present in the device which means that AT&T will be disabling the NFC capabilities through the operating system instead.

There has been a trend in the past where RIM has appeased carriers by disabling or crippling certain features in their devices, which would have led to redundancy or a drop in profits for certain carrier services.

While we can’t confirm if AT&T will actually disable NFC capabilities on the Bold 9900, according to TechnoBuffalo, it seems that Vodafone in the UK, who already has the device up for grabs, has been reported to have disabled NFC capabilities, at least for now.

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