Let’s face the facts – sex sells, and so it is no surprise that Zara Dampney, 24, and Shauna Mullin, 26, have managed to market their bottoms into their bottom line (pardon the pun) through the inclusion of a Quick Response (QR) code being printed right on their derriere. The whole idea? Since they are beach volleyball players who are already widely photographed for their (ahem!) athleticism and physique, why not take advantage of the situation and include some advertising space on a skimpy bikini?

The matrix barcode will be able to send the user who photographed it using their smartphones to a specific website, making it a guaranteed eye-catcher for sure. No idea on whether other companies are willing to go down a similar route, but this was part of a sponsorship deal struck by Dampney and Mullin, who are currently ranked 26th in the world and are working towards glory in London 2012, with betting firm Betfair.

This is a “historical” event since it marks the first time QR codes see action in in-play sports advertising, so why not place them on a strategic location? Something tells me that if this idea takes off, the rear ends of buffed volleyball players won’t be the only place QR codes are printed on…

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