Smart Diapers Use QR Codes To Help Parents Monitor Their Baby’s Health

Smart Diapers is looking to help parents monitor their baby’s health by using a combination of QR codes and an app.

Walmart Uses Bus Stops To Display QR Codes

QR codes are pretty versatile in their use, so much so that they allow you to shop at Walmart virtually while you wait for your bus.

Graffiti Codes Expresses Itself Better Than QR Codes

It seems that the humble QR code has proliferated just about anywhere and everywhere you turn your head these days. These unique looking square patterns hold links to websites, and it comes in the format that smartphone cameras are able to read. There is one particular problem though, these QR codes will need to be printed ahead in time. Here is a novel idea that companies might want to explore […]

AT&T And Scanbuy Team Up For Designer Bar Code Services

AT&T and ScanBuy, which provides bar code technology, have teamed up to offer designer bar code solutions to companies that are looking to launch new marketing campaigns. Apart from allowing businesses to execute, monitor and report on smarter mobile experiences for their customers, businesses will have access to “near real-time” analytics so that they can figure out whether or not the marketing campaign is gaining any traction. Data will be provided […]


Snipp translates QR codes for you

The use of QR codes has improved to more than just function as an advertising pointer, and has also seen action on tombstones in order to make your life more accessible to your descendants as well as curious folks who want to know more about you whenever they walk past your grave marker. Well, Snipp Interactive has come up with an interesting manner of reading QR codes through its latest […]

SET Japan does custom designer QR codes

QR codes are definitely not new at all, but they have caught on in recent memory simply because of their effectiveness in sending users with the right mobile devices to webpages intended by the company behind such QR codes. However, after a while, the look of the QR code loses its lustre, so is there a way to brighten things up? I guess you can say that the artistic streak […]

Jacked Up! card game will feature playing cards with QR codes

We’ve all played card games at some point in our lives, and games such as Solitaire, Hearts and War shouldn’t really be foreign to most of us, but it looks like the United States Playing Card Co. has decided to take things to the next level by introducing a series of Bicycle-branded playing cards that features a card with a QR code that will supposedly bring a twist to the […]

Vending machines in Japan will start remembering your birthdays

Japan is one country where they love their vending machines. You could walk down a street and bump into vending machines to your left and right, essentially leaving you spoilt for choice. Now it seems that they are planning to take things to the next level by allowing the vending machines to recognize its patrons through the use of a QR code.

Footballers in the UK get QR codes shaved into their head

If you thought that the game of football (or better known as soccer in the US) was already too commercialized, it seems like they have taken it one step further by shaving QR codes into the back of players’ heads. The “lucky” football club that will be getting their heads shaved will be South-East London’s Bromley FC, who hired the hair stylist favored by both Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand […]

Virtual grocery store made public

Now here is an interesting proposition – normally, when one wants to take a tour of a virtual store, you would do so over the computer, right? Purchasing stuff also involves a credit or debit card of sorts, only to have the goods delivered to your doorstep after that. A company in South Korea decides to go against the grain by testing out a virtual supermarket in a public place.

QR codes lets you know where you beef/pork comes from

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and wondered about the meat you’re buying? Some might not be fussed about where their meat comes from and how the animals were treated before slaughter, but there are some who do care. There are probably real finicky shoppers out there who care about what sort of environment the cows were raised in, the food they were fed and etc. Thanks to […]

Bikinis with barcodes makes for an interesting ad platform

Let’s face the facts – sex sells, and so it is no surprise that Zara Dampney, 24, and Shauna Mullin, 26, have managed to market their bottoms into their bottom line (pardon the pun) through the inclusion of a Quick Response (QR) code being printed right on their derriere. The whole idea? Since they are beach volleyball players who are already widely photographed for their (ahem!) athleticism and physique, why […]

Nissan to add QR window stickers to their cars

Have you ever come across a car, stop and go “Wow”? If not yourself, I’m sure that you know people who do that and who probably try to take a peek into the car or even chat up the owner trying to find out more about the car. However a quick peek in the car may not tell you much apart from its interior, and sometimes the car owner could […]

QR code tattooed on man’s chest

First of all, let us say this – is it a supremely clever and well-timed video editing job, or is it the real deal? You watch the video in the extended post and decide for yourself. For those of you who feel that this French dude is the man for having tattooed a QR code onto his chest which links it to an animated cartoon, read on. Marco apparently did […]