CoD MW3For those of you who thought that the Nintendo DS wasn’t going to get anymore new games since the 3DS was released – it looks like you can put those fears aside. n-Space, a well known developer for a whole bunch of first person shooter games on the NDS including Golden Eye 007 and previous Call of Duty titles, has announced a new game in the works for the NDS platform.

Tying in with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that’s arriving on non-portable consoles (PS3, Xbox, PC), CoD: MW3: Defiance will be headed to the NDS later this year. It’s not that the 3DS won’t be able to run the game, it just won’t be optimized to run on its improved hardware, and neither will it take advantage of the 3DS’s 3D screen. However, fans of the previous CoD games on the NDS should feel right at home with this upcoming release from n-Space.

One of the flaws about the 3DS has been the lack of 3DS-specific titles since launch, and Nintendo has been trying to alleviate the problem with price cuts and giveaways, but all gamers really want are new games. Even though we know it’s not in Nintendo’s control, today’s news of the high-profile franchise game being developed for the NDS instead of 3DS isn’t exactly comforting for early adopters of the 3D-gaming console. Perhaps things will get better towards the end of the year or next year – if the 3DS still has a user base then. Anybody excited about CoD:MW3:Defiance on the NDS?

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