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Nintendo DS Could Have Been Called The City Boy
Nintendo is a gaming company that is well known for their strength in first party franchises, where nearly every single title that they roll out do end up at the top of the sales charts – and for a long time to come. They completely dominated the home console scene with the Nintendo Entertainment System (aka NES) back in the 1980s and early 1990s, and we are thankful for the […]

Nintendo explains how they test the 3DS
The Nintendo 3DS might not be marketed as a rugged gaming console, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t built to withstand accidental drops and the occasional knocks. Well, if you’re interested in finding out what sort of tests the Nintendo 3DS and DS go through during testing you’re in luck. As part of its 2012 consumer report, Nintendo released a few pictures in addition to a summary of its testing […]

Nintendo patent application tracks DS from above
Most of us would have thought of our Nintendo DS (whether it is the original, ugly looking DS, the sleek and sexy DS Lite, or the 3DS, it does not matter) as the bomb in terms of the sheer number of hours of enjoyment that it has delivered over the years. Well, it seems that a patent application filed by Nintendo showed off the DS in a new light, one […]

Nintendo 3DS sells 4.5 million units in its first year in the U.S.
Ever wondered how well the Nintendo 3DS has been doing in terms of sales so far? Well, we’ve got the answer today. Nintendo announced today that the portable glasses-free 3D console has sold over 4.5 million units in the US alone. Compared to the original Nintendo DS which was released in 2004, the 3DS almost sold double the amount of units (Nintendo DS moved 2.3 million units in its first […]


Android and iOS dominate the portable game market
The talk of smartphones and tablets replacing traditional portable handhelds is one that’s been constantly debated about, and now that we’ve got some statistics to back up those claims; things don’t look too good for consoles. According to data from Flurry, a mobile analytics firm and the NPD (National Purchase Diary), Android and iOS now make up 58% of the portable game market, with the Nintendo DS taking up 36% […]

Nintendo hits 50 million sales for DS console
We all know that Nintendo has had more or less a continued string of success in the handheld video game industry right from the early days of the Game & Watch to the Game Boy that held its 8-bit ground for a decade or so, while the DS also took the world by storm – so much so that more than 50 million units have already been sold in the […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance announced for the Nintendo DS
For those of you who thought that the Nintendo DS wasn’t going to get anymore new games since the 3DS was released – it looks like you can put those fears aside. n-Space, a well known developer for a whole bunch of first person shooter games on the NDS including Golden Eye 007 and previous Call of Duty titles, has announced a new game in the works for the NDS […]

Activision remains coy on Modern Warfare 3 for Nintendo consoles
By now, everybody and their grandma knows that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is coming this November – specifically on November 8. After the first few teasers and trailers, Nintendo gamers became a little bothered. The trailers include no mention of the game ever coming to the Wii, DS or event the 3DS.Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling took to his Twitter to clarify once again:The confirmed platforms available for current […]

Sony: Nintendo 3DS is for kids, Xbox 360's DVDs not enough
It’s just another day in the world and Sony is once again shooting its beak off. This time in an interview with Fortune, Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton sounds off on what he thinks about the PlayStation 3 and NGP‘s direct competition. Speaking on the Xbox 360, Tretton says that Microsoft’s console is using outdated tech with its games stored on DVDs as opposed to the larger-sized […]

Nintendo to introduce the DS into the classroom
Nintendo of America has just announced a partnership with the National Art Education Association (NAEA) to introduce the Nintendo DS into classrooms in selected schools across the country. In an attempt to give students a fresh, fun way to study drawing and painting techniques, art teachers in elementary, middle and high school classrooms have been given Nintendo DSi XL systems and copies of Art Academy. Teachers participating in the program […]

Limited edition Nintendo DS up for auction to raise funds for the Red Cross
If there’s one thing great about the gaming community, it’s their ability to raise funds for limited edition memorabilia. And when in times of need, it can only be a good thing. Game Informer’s Meagan Marie has recently put up a limited edition Mario Kart version of the Nintendo DS signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, Koji Kondo, Charles Martinet, Eiji Aonuma and Martin Leung. She’s decided to auction off the rare […]

R4 working on hacked Nintendo 3DS
If there’s one thing you can be sure of whenever a new gaming console is released, it’s that hackers will have their way with it sooner or later and in the case of the Nintendo 3DS, it’s the former. The 3DS hasn’t even been on the market for a week, and some hackers have already devised a way for it to run R4 cartridges. In case you didn’t know what […]

Nintendo 3DS sold out in less than 24 hours
To anyone who ever dismissed glasses-free 3D as a gimmick – the sales figures of the latest Nintendo console should put all doubts to rest, at least for people in Japan. Nintendo shipped a total of 400,000 units of their 3DS console to the retailers in Japan and the device went on sale last Saturday (February 26). In less than 24 hours, every single unit was snapped up from the […]

Nintendo has the top selling systems of 2010 in America
Nintendo has just released their sales figures for the year 2010, and it looks like they have sold they’ve sold the most consoles in America last year. Nintendo sold over 2.5 million DS systems and more than 2.3 million Wii systems. Talk about impressive! This puts them as the top console seller, with the top 2 most purchased consoles belonging to them. According to Nintendo’s senior director of Corporate Communications, […]