Cyanogen hired by SamsungHere’s some surprising news for the Android community. Steve Kondik, better known as “Cyanogen”, the creator of the infamous Android custom ROM, CyanogenMod; has recently been hired by Samsung Mobile to work as a software engineer. It looks like all his modding and development has paid off and finally got him noticed by the big boys, in this case, Samsung.

Samsung must have also realized the interest in third-party firmware for Android handsets and has decided to invest in the people behind them to improve its own phones. This means that future Android phones from the Korean manufacturer might carry CyanogenMod, or at the very least – its influence on the whole user experience and interface.

For those of you who are worried about the future of CyanogenMod, Steve Kondik has announced that it will remain as a side project – but whether his new full time job will affect the timing of releases or quality of the mod is yet to be known, though if that happens, hopefully somebody capable can step up to take Cyanogen’s place in CM development.

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