Diabetes is a serious health issue and for those with severe cases, sometimes eating the wrong food will cause them to fall ill, which sometimes can prove to be fatal. This is why scientists at the Swansea University together with a consortium of Welsh technology companies are developing a system that will monitor the glucose levels of the patient, while at the same time transmitting those readings to NHS staff.

It seems that diabetes patients can sometimes pass out from low blood glucose, and apparently there have been reports where patients living or working alone have fainted without anyone knowing about it.

Through the use of nanotechnology and wireless technology, glucose readings will be sent to NHS clinical teams on a regular basis, so the minute something wrong pops up, the staff will be notified and will provide a medical alert to medical personnel or to the next of kin. The prototype is still being developed, which the Welsh Government hopes will finally be ready for the market in the next 30 months.

Not just limited to diabetic patients, it seems that this technology will be just as applicable to patients with coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and asthma.

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