WRIXO Secure Medical Band Provides Life-Saving Information

When a medical emergency happens, one thing is certain: time is a precious commodity. That is even truer when the patient is unconscious and not able to provide critically information about their current and past medical issues that could interfere with the outcome of the present emergency. WRIXO aims to solve this issue, without creating new privacy loopholes.

Hammer In Hand Allows Straphangers To Break Windows With Ease

Commuters know just how dangerous their travels can be if they find themselves in a bus, subway or train that has stopped functioning properly or there’s an absolute emergency, forcing you to leave through a window. Many forms of public transportation have ways where passengers can simply push out a window, but if those aren’t functioning properly, you’re going to have to break a window or two. That’s where the […]

Man arrested for calling 911 to complain about his broken iPhone

If you have a problem with your iPhone, there are plenty of outlets for you to find out what’s wrong. You can look it up on the internet, you can ask a friend; you can even take it to the Apple Store and ask one of the people working at the Genius Bar for help, but whatever you do, don’t call 911 – unless you want to get arrested like […]

Diabetes sensor will alert medical staff during emergencies

Diabetes is a serious health issue and for those with severe cases, sometimes eating the wrong food will cause them to fall ill, which sometimes can prove to be fatal. This is why scientists at the Swansea University together with a consortium of Welsh technology companies are developing a system that will monitor the glucose levels of the patient, while at the same time transmitting those readings to NHS staff.


BMW Crash-Severity Algorithm Analyzes Potential Injuries

It looks like BMW has been making the news quite a bit lately what with their app that analyzes your driving patterns to help build a better EV of tomorrow and now it looks like thanks to their algorithm that has been built into their cars, whenever a crash occurs, the car is able to analyze the severity of the crash and report the potential injuries to rescue teams who […]

iRobots to go where no humans can go in Japan

iRobot, the robot manufacturer from Bedford, Massachusetts; is sending out a team of four robots into Japan today to help deal with the nuclear crisis that’s currently affecting the country due to the earthquake and tsunami events that took place last week. The team that consists of PackBots and Warrior robots have been designed to work in such situations and will be controlled by the Japan Ground Self Defense Forces […]

Google Person Finder for 2011 Japan Earthquake

In light of yesterday and today’s earthquakes in Japan, Google has launched a new version of its Person Finder service to help people locate friends and family who have been caught in the natural disasters. The website is basically a directory and message board for people to post that they are looking for loved ones or to post notes to let people know that they are safe. First used in […]

2012 Ford Focus calls for an ambulance if you crash

During Ford’s keynote at CeBIT this year, CEO of Ford, Allan Mulally unveiled a new feature of the upcoming Ford Focus that will launch next year. Called Sync Emergency Assistance, the service will come free with every Ford that has Sync installed. Sync Emergency Assistance makes use of your phone (linked to it with Bluetooth) to make sure that drivers and passengers aren’t left unattended or stranded without help if […]

Softbank and ZTE introduce simple one-button emergency phone

Despite phones getting more and more powerful, there are still folks who need really simple phones, such as the elderly. Now a new phone from Japan’s Softbank and ZTE is probably as simple as it gets as it only has one button and is designed to call an emergency contact when the caller needs help. Once the call is made, the device will send out an automated email with GPS […]

Klipsch S5i Rugged Earphones

Don’t you just hate it when your earphones drop into the snow, and you accidentally step on them, water enters the speakers and they become unusable for the rest of the trip? Klipsch understands that, and have come up with a solution to the problem. Touted as extremely rugged earphones, these babies are said to be able to withstand extreme conditions and punishments that you put them through. Durable, yet […]

Emergency Alert Device For The Hearing Impaired

Folks with hearing ability issues might sometimes fail to notice urgent situations due to the inability to hear an alarm. British designer Sergej Kuckir has designed a useful and innovative device that can help the hearing impaired in emergency situations. The device looks a bit like an egg, and has a built-in vibration feature, as well as light signals to notify the user of serious situations. When everything is peaceful […]

Wellcore Stylish Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

[CES 2010] Wellcore, a Silicon Valley-based startup, launched its new Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (M-PERS) with motion detection and advanced pattern recognition, the company claims that its patent-pending technology can distinguish falls from other type of motion with unprecedented accuracy. The elderly are often left out of the new emerging technologies because they are not seen as cool as the youngsters and supposedly “early adopters”. I am happy to […]

Emergency services via SMS

Those living in the UK might soon be able to contact emergency services using nothing but text messages, if ongoing trials prove to be successful. The service will target those who are unable to make normal voice calls to 999 due to a disability, where a voice relay assistant will speak the text message to the emergency service while texting back their reply. We do hope to see this effort […]

One Touch 911 Dialer

In an emergency, quick thinking and the ability to react appropriately is essential especially when lives hang in the balance. Dialing 911 soonest possible could help save somebody, which is why it would be handy to have something like the One Touch 911 Dialer around. This pendant will automatically call a 911 operator with one press of a button, giving users the freedom to be independent and mobile without having […]