Electronic Arts knows that there are full of Star Wars fanatics around the world – which is why they are rather worried that the sheer number – or should I say, force, of fanatics will actually hop on the Star Wars: The Old Republic bandwagon when it is released, where such a huge number of players might actually cause a deterioration in server performance that the game itself ends up as unplayable.

Hence, Electronic Arts decided to take an old way to solve this problem – placing a cap on the number of players who will be able to access Star Wars: The Old Republic when the MMORPG is released this fall. There has been no specific number announced just yet, although you can more or less come to a number of player volume by merging physical and digital sales of the game.

The moment the cap is reached, Electronic Arts will stop sales of digital copies, at least until server performance is stabilized. No idea on just how long the server upgrade process will take in between sale periods, of course. Would you jump aboard the Star Wars MMORPG bandwagon when it arrives?

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