The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, or in its far more famous acronym – FBI, has just introduced their first mobile application for the iPhone, calling the app ‘Child ID’. Just what kind of app is this, and why is the FBI expanding their operations to software on iOS-powered devices now? Don’t they have like hackers to catch, especially those who broke into thousands of companies already?

Well, perhaps the FBI sees the Child ID app as a way to help ease their workload in the future – especially those concerning missing kids. This app will enable parents to stash photos and vital information of their children in an electronic manner, allowing them to show pictures and provide physical identifiers including height and weight to security or police officers within their vicinity in a jiffy should a kid disappear from the parents’ eyes (heaven forbid).

According to the FBI, this happens in America at a frequency rate of around one every 40 seconds – now that is a scary thought. The FBI is also careful to say that they do not collect or store any photos amd information which users enter into the app. This will be a free app, and the iPhone is the only handset compatible with it at the moment although there is work being done to deliver compatible versions with other phones in the near future.

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