TV watching youIt looks like advertisements of the future might be taken to a whole new level thanks to a company named Flingo. The San-Francisco based startup has come up with a technology to make ads more relevant and interesting to the web surfers all over the world. Many people surf the web and watch TV at the same time, and Flingo’s new technology is aimed to take advantage of that fact.

Called Sync Apps, this technology will be fed with information that’s passed to it from an internet-connected TV that is sharing the same internet connection. Sync Apps collects information on whatever is currently being shown on the TV i.e. what movie, program, and uses those details to enhance your web surfing experience.

With this information, internet ads can tap into it and show you ads that are catered to whatever you’re watching, so you won’t have to be spammed by things you don’t care about anymore. There will be other uses for this technology as well, for example if you visit IMDB or Google, the website could automatically look up what you’re watching at the moment. Maybe if you log on to Facebook, you’ll be taken to the show’s official page and so on. And when a show finishes, a website can pop up to let you know when it will be screened next, or when the next episode will be.

Now not many people fancy the idea of being monitored by their television, but for others – it could turn into a whole new level of convenience. Fortunately for consumers who want privacy, they will have to purchase televisions that support Sync Apps – so they won’t have to worry about their current TVs turning into Big Brother.

What do you think of Sync Apps technology? Is it a good idea or does it intrude too much in your private life? Sound off in the comments below.

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