You can take the man out of the plane, but you certainly can’t take the plane out of the man – case in point, former pilot Valery Bulgakov who hails from Russia who actually spent a huge chunk of his own time to build this prototype of a flying car. This model won’t take to the skies in a way you imagine, as it is meant to be low flying, where Valery has dubbed it the ‘V. Bulgakov’ after himself.

A highly modified 1987 ZAZ Tavria car is the base for this particular prototype, where it comes with wings that will make use of the Bernoulli principle to help it achieve take-off at 60 miles per hour – although it can’t clear anything more than 10 feet, coming back down to the earth after flying – some say gliding, for 600 feet.

The doors of this 1987 ZAZ Tavria car have been replaced with lighter materials, and so the same happened to its bonnet as well. Obviously, in order to fly, this car needed wings – which was what Valery proceeded to do. Boasting a four-cantilever wing design that is meant to make its flight safer, it takes around 20 seconds to achieve flight speed.

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