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GMail Labs has a new preview pane feature that lets you to separate the email listing and email content in two areas, thus reducing the potential number of switching that may occur if you open a lot of emails. This is a feature that is very popular in a number of email clients, including Outlook. By the way, this is something that is already available on GMail on Honeycomb (Android 3.0) tabletsI like the new feature a lot, and it probably makes GMail better for anyone that is used to another email client as it is overall less messy (this is a matter of opinion, obviously). This feature is in “beta” (trial) phase, so you will have to enable it manually.

To do, so go to your gmail settings > Labs > Enable Preview Pane. And save the new setting. Refresh your  GMail page, click on the Toggle Split Mode (vertical or horizontal). What do you think of this Lab experiment, is it a keeper?

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