Are you looking forward to living the Jetson life in pod-like vehicles that drives itself? It appears that GM is taking a step towards that direction if you can remember when they unveiled the electric and autonomous pod-like vehicle last year. There have been several rumors surrounding the EN-V that have said that GM has started production of the vehicles, which the company has denied but have appeased those interested by saying that it will be coming.

Based on the prototype version that GM have been featuring at expos and conventions, it seems to be low-powered and can’t be driven in snow or rain and barely has enough power to make it up a ramp. GM’s Sam Abuelsamid has said that the final version will be more practical for real-world usage.

GM plans to start field testing in the next two to three years and have said that the vehicle will probably only go into production ten to fifteen years from now, which does seem awfully long. They claim that the lack of precise GPS is the main factor that is holding them back from putting the vehicle into production sooner and are hoping that over the course of the next few years the technology will be improved upon.

Sounds pretty exciting but ten to fifteen years is a pretty long wait, but then again someone could come up with a solution before then. For those interested the EN-V’s are said to cost $10,000 each.

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